ESD Antifatigue Mat

Anti fatigue mat

Products Introduction
Anti-fatigue Rubber Floor Mats are designed to reduce fatigue that is caused by standing for long periods on hard surface (such as: cement floors). There are many different types of workplaces and finding the right anti-fatigue mat for your application is important. Anti Fatigue mats can reduce body stress and workmen‘s compensation claims, while improving company morale and productivity. 
Item No.: SAM1007
Spec.: Three-layer constructions
Top layer: PVC materials(3mm)
Middle layer: EPDM(about 12mm)
Bottom: esd rubber mat(2mm)
Standard Sizes:
Static Properties
The resistance of top layer:107-9Ω
The resistance of bottom layer: 103-5Ω
Remark: customer sizes available.
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