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exalt-498 wrist strap tester
Anti-static Wrist Strap Tester
Item No. : Exalt-498

1. Insert a 9V battery into the battery compartment at the back of the unit.
2. Insert the plug of the grounding wire into the grounding wire jack which is at the top of the unit.
3. Attach wrist strap to your wrist firmly.
4. Connect grounding wire to wrist strap.
5. Press the test pad of the unit.At this moment,there are three situations:
1) If the green"GOOD"lam lights up and an audible signal can be heard,it shows that grounding system is safe and wrist strap is in normal condition.
2) If the red"LOW"lamp lights up,you must check the resistance of wrist strap grounding wire.If it is lower than 800KΩ,on special situation,it may have an influence on human body.
3) If the red"HIGH"lamp lights up,first,check wrist strap to make sure it contacts wrist firmly.Then,check the resistance of wrist strap grounding wire.If the resistance is higher than 9MΩ,the anti-static effect will turn feeble and even lose it anti-static ability.
LO(RED)   R<800KΩ
GOOD      800KΩ ≤R≤9 MΩ
HIGH      R>9MΩ
Power:9 v battery     Grounding Wire:3 meter
Note:The tolerance in resistance is set to +10%/-0% for the lower limit 800KΩ and +0%-10% for upper limit of 9MΩ
Caution:After testing operations many times,if the audible signal is no longer heard but the green "GOOD" lamp still lights up,the battery must be replaced.
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