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Anti-static Shielding Bags
Item No.: SSB0613

The prime choice of anti-static packaging. Excellent anti-static function, being capable of effectively preventing generation of static inside it, insulating to the grreatest degree objects inside it from external static field to prevent them from potential static hazard; it also can resist electromagnetic interference;
Except the anti-static function, this kind of anti-static packaging bag also has a function of shielding ESD of external equipments and ecectromagnetic radiation; it has many functions of excellent anti-static performace, radio frequency protection, water vapor prevetion, salt mist resistance, etc.
● Resistance of outer surface: <10E8- 10E10 ohms
● Resistance of metal layer: <10E2 ohms
● Resistance of inner surface: <10E8- 10E10 ohms
● Standard thickness: 3mil±10%
● Open type: zip-top, flat and self-adhesive
● Translucent, convenient for observation, and have no influence on reading the bar code
● Suitable for packing PCB, IC, and other static sensitive components
● Customer sizes and printing available
● Packing: 100pcs/ bag
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